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The Advantages

Ransburg Electrostatic NO. 2 Guns Deliver world class performance.



The aim of the electrostatic process is to get as much coating material on the part as possible and eliminate wasteful overspray. This is achieved by negatively charging atomized paint particles so that they are attracted to the grounded workpiece...opposites attract.

A charging electrode is located at the tip of the electrostatic NO. 2 spray gun. The paint is atomized as it moves past the electrode and it's particles become ionized - negatively charged. An electrostatic field is created between the charging electrode and the grounded workspiece, and the spray is concentrated within.

Further atomization is achieved as charged particles repel each other to form a fine cloud. As a result of electrostatic attraction, spray that would normally be lost, ends up on the back and sides of the workpiece to produce “wrap-around” effect.

The electrostatic NO. 2 process offers many benefits over conventional spray: electrostatic sprayer

  • Increased transfer efficiency.

  • Significantly increases quality and production.

  • Positive environmental impact.

  • Reduces Overspray, air pollution and VOC emissions.

  • Decreases paint costs.

  • More consistent part-to-part quality.

  • Reduced costs for the disposal of hazardous materials.

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